Highly efficient, high pH, aldehyde-free and non-foaming liquid concentrate for the daily cleaning and maintenance of dental aspiration and separation systems,  with or without amalgam separator.

How to use

Prepare a 5 % (50 mL of Alprojet-D with 950 mL of warm water) solution in the AlproJet MixCup, rinse the aspirating tubes and the spittoon bowl, each with 1 L of the solution. Use daily.


AlproJet-D is highly compatible with materials such as plastics, rubber, non-ferrous metal and alloyed steel etc.

Download detailed product information and safety data sheets.


REF 3104

1 L dosage bottle

REF 3101

5 L canister


  • deodorizes and dissolves aspirated residues such as saliva, drilling dust etc.
  • dissolves powerfully persistent dirt deposits in aspiration tubes/drain lines to the amalgam separator/ separating unit, at the same time preventing recontamination


Modern combination of QAC and tensides.