Biodegradable, ready to use solution for the decontamination and prevention of formation of biofilms in procedural water lines in medical and dental treatment units.

How to use

Before starting the application (weekend, holidays or overnight) fill the water bottle attached to the unit with 200 – 300 mL of Bilpron. Remove transmission instruments from the instrument tubes. Activate the decontamination system according to manufacturer’s instructions. Fill each water line (all instrument tubes, cup filler and other water supplies i.g. peripheral devices) with Bilpron until it comes out of the tubes and the cup filler (recognizable by the blue colour). Afterwards turn off the treatment unit. Allow Bilpron to remain in the lines until the practice starts to work again. After restarting the treatment unit, turn off the decontamination system and flush all procedural water lines until clear water comes out.

Can be left in the system for up to 3 months.

Download detailed product information and safety data sheets.

ARTG 226413


REF 3181

6 x 1 L bottle

REF 3179 – ARTG 226414

Bilpron Starter Set


  • decontamination of water
  • prevention of lime stone deposits and soft biofim matrix formation


Biguanides and PHB-esters.