Neutral detergent for all surfaces and materials

Non protein fixing neutral detergent and cleaning foam, ready for use for the cleaning of hard surfaces, dental units, x-ray machines, all turbines as well as pre-clean- ing of intraoral instruments. Dissolves residues of blood and other body fluids from surfaces of medical devices and instruments. Stops protein fixation on instruments before ultrasonic cleaning.

Fully safe on plastics, upholstery, metals etc.

  1. General dental devices such as dental units, x-ray machines, upholstery, counter benches
  2. Diagnostic instruments such as surgical, mirrors and endoscopes
  3. Rotating instruments such as steel, diamond burs, polishers, endodontic files etc.

How to use

Immediately after treatment completely moisten the surface of instruments with IC-100. Let it take effect for at least 5 – 10 minutes, rinse instruments under running water and continue with ultrasonic cleaning. For surface cleaning can be used with Maxiwipes, previously soaked in IC-100 or sprayed on the cloth of your choice to immediately wipe the desired surfaces.

Download product detailed information and safety data sheets below.

ARTG 238325


REF 4658

500 mL spray/foam bottle

REF 4659

5 L canister


  • cleaning
  • reduces microbial load


EDTA, parabenes, biguanides in glycolic-aqueous solution.