Large dry wipes in the MaxiWipes-Box for the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces of medical devices in combination with MinutenSpray-classic, PlastiSept and IC-100.


  1. Remove the lid of the MaxiWipes Box. (To refill put the reel into the box).
  2. Soak the dry reel with the requested disinfection solution (1.5 Ltr. PlastiSept,  2.5 Ltr. MinutenSpray-classic, 1.5 IC-100 per box of MaxiWipes).
  3. Pull the first wipe through the tear-off slot of the lid, close the box and allow the wipes to get soaked for 30 minuts. Then the wipes are soaked sufficiently and ready for use.
  • TGA-registered or listed

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REF 4614

  • 250 MaxiWipes in a box, dry

REF 4613

  • 4 x 250 MaxiWipes refill, dry


REF 4616

  • 160 MaxiWipes-L in a box, dry

REF 4615

  • 4 x 160 MaxiWipes-L refill, dry


  • non-woven tear-proof wipes of high quality fabric
  • allows maximum effectiveness of active solution
  • ultimate cleaning action from micro pore technology
  • MaxiWipes: 17 x 26 cm
  • MaxiWipes-L: 20 x 40 cm