Cleaning of impression materials

Ready to use, free from aldehydes and chlorine solution for cleaning and bacterial load reduction, of dental impressions and dental prostheses. Dissolves residues of blood (containing protein) and other body fluids from surfaces of impressions.

How to use

Pour the required quantity of the ready to use solution into a suitable container. Rinse the impression under running cold water, place it into the solution and let it take effect for 5 minutes. Afterwards, take the impression out of the cleaning bath and rinse it again under running cold water.


Suitable for the cleaning of following materials:  silicone, polyether, polysulfide, alginate, hydrocolloid, agar, plaster.  PrintoSept-ID is extremely gentle to materials as it does not contain alkalis or halogens (chlorine).

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ARTG 238325


REF 4500

5 L canister


  • cleaning
  • reduction of the microbial contamination


Modern combination of QAC and alkylamines.