All-purpose cleaning solution free of aldehydes and alcohol, for the non protein fixing inner cleaning and decontamination of hollow part instruments such as dental turbines, hand pieces, contra-angles, internally cooled instruments and endoscopes prior to the application of WL-cid or sterilisation.

How to use

Spray after each treatment 3 times for 2 seconds with a suitable adapter and let it take effect for 1 minute. Then dry the inner surfaces with WL-Blow (spray at least for 3 seconds) or continue processing with WL-cid. Afterwards maintain and sterilise according to instructions of the manufacturer of the instrument.


Free of alcohols and aldehydes – therefore good compatibility with materials.

Download detailed product information and safety data sheets.

ARTG 203023


REF 4150

clinic package

4 x spray can WL-clean

REF 4144 – ARTG No. 248472

WL-Blow StarterSet

2 x WL-clean

2 x WL-cid

1 x WL-Blow

1 x instruction for use


  • non protein fixing
  • examined cleaning performance in practical testing with test soil according to DIN ISO/TS 15883-5
  • removes protein residues


Biguanide, PHB-esters.


Adapters for WL-Series

Adapters for complete internal cleaning (gearings and media channels).