Liquid concentrate of active ingredients for the cleaning of impression trays and mixing spatulas.  AlproSol dissolves zinc oxide, eugenol, carboxylate, phosphate and glass-ionomer cements as well as adhesive varnishes and alginates.

How to use

Dilute AlproSol with warm water to a 3 – 5 % solution (30 – 50 mL per litre of solution). Fully immerse the trays in the solution and leave it overnight.

AlproSol can also be used in ultrasonic devices. In this case the cleaning period is only 5 to 10 minutes.


Suitable for all plastics as well as non-oxidizing metals.

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REF 3070

1 L dosage bottle


  • dissolves residues of alginates, alginate adhesive varnishes and cements


Sodium alkanesulfonate, complexing agents.